Bryant FurnaceOver fifteen years of service in Mt Pleasant and the surrounding areas, C&C Myers Heating & AC has seen the results of neglected maintenance. The majority of repair calls we receive each winter could have been prevented through a convenient service call in the fall. When compared to the cost of emergency service, a quick and rewarding tune-up is a cost-effective defense strategy. Trust the upkeep of your heating system to C&C Myers Heating & AC, and our team of professionals will perform a long list of necessary tasks targeted at efficiency, reliability, and superior performance.

The Importance Of Scheduled Heating Services

It only makes sense. Your heating equipment works hard all winter, then sits idle all summer. During the downtime, dust, bugs, and even mice are looking for a way inside the unit. During the cold season, your system is meeting expectations, day in and day out. Somewhere along the way, there had better be some cleaning, tuning, and adjustment, or your system is headed for problems. Thankfully, the answer is straightforward. Give us a call at C&C Myers Heating & AC, and we’ll handle the rest. Our factory trained technicians will work within the availability of your busy schedule to provide prompt, comprehensive, and rewarding service.

Some of the many advantages of professional service include:

  • Your heating system relies on a great deal of air transfer to efficiently maintain a comfortable environment. When equipment is dirty or in need of adjustment, it is forced to work longer and harder to answer expectations. This results in greater energy draw and higher utility bills. Through careful maintenance, your system will meet manufacturer’s expectations for AFUE ratings.
  • By verifying proper start up, operation, and shutdown, the licensed technicians from C&C Myers Heating & AC protect against safety risks. Faulty wiring in an electric unit can pose a fire hazard. Incomplete combustion or cracked heat exchanger in your gas appliance may lead to elevated carbon monoxide levels. Regular, professional inspection is necessary to protect your home and family from dangerous conditions.
  • Troubleshooting in the fall uncovers any faulty or broken components, and allows time for replacement parts to be ordered and installed, without chilly downtime.
  • With seasonal inspection, our licensed technicians pinpoint areas of concern. By correcting problems before they graduate into disruptive malfunctions, repair costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Once a system is clogged with dust and debris, it can no longer provide effective air filtration. It may even contribute to the pollution of breathing air. Some of the unpleasant findings deep within heating systems include, soot, dust, dander, bugs, webs, feces, mold, and decomposing vermin. Professional cleaning promotes a healthy, cleaner, and more comfortable home.
  • Manufacturers require a record of maintenance to continue warranty coverage. If the necessary service is neglected, any damage sustained as a result is considered the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • When components are kept in tiptop condition, the system as a whole, resists wear and tear, resulting in a much longer service life.
  • As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, C&C Myers Heating & AC is held to rigorous standards of customers service and business practices, including the use of Factory Authorized Parts. By relying only the highest quality components, system efficiency, sound levels, and longevity are promoted.
  • Leaving the maintenance of your heating system in the capable hands of the C&C Myers Heating & AC technicians gives you confidence in your wintertime comfort.

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